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Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Super Edition for PlayStation 4

Stronger together!  A modern take on the 25-year-old franchise, power rangers: battle for the grid – Super Edition includes all content from the original Collector’s Edition, all three Season passes, and the all-new Street Fighter Pack! Now you have a chance to pit current and classic power rangers and villains like never before in 3v3 Tag team battles, Featuring 23 different playable characters, and including the latest Street Fighter crossover characters Ryu and Chun-Li. The controls promote simplicity and fluidity, enabling beginners to enjoy the combat system and encouraging advanced players to delve into its gameplay mechanics – including real-time assist takeovers, dynamic defense through push blocking and aerial guard, customizable juggle combos, and a unique megazord comeback mode.


  • 23 rangers & villains across generations: includes all characters from the Collector’s Edition, seasons One, two, three and seven Skins; story and combat voiceovers are authentically performed by some of the members of the original power rangers cast
  • All-new Street Fighter Pack: The latest addition to power rangers: battle for the grid introduces Street Fighter characters ryu as the Crimson hawk ranger and Chun-Li as the Blue Phoenix ranger, as well as exclusive Skins
  • Iconic locations: zordon’s training room and the command center from mighty morphin power rangers, Lord drakkon’s Throne room from boom! Comics’ Mighty morphin power rangers, and planet Earth: cenozoic era and tower from the 2017 power rangers movie
  • Original story: a reimagining of the shattered grid event: in story mode, players experience a re-imagining of the critically acclaimed shattered grid event from boom! Studios’ Power rangers comic book series
  • Cross play & cross-progression: this is the first fighting game to enable cross play and cross-progression among PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Steam, and stadia, where players across all gaming platforms can battle against each other